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Executive Leadership Forum: A Transformational Mindset through Leadership Coaching - Shared screen with speaker view
Barbara A. F. Greene
Yes - Glenda- we take turns featuring non profits between san Antonio and Austin -
Barbara A. F. Greene
We will keep the names of our client companies highlighted confidential.
Gail Baker
How do you get leaders who are very process focused become more self-aware?
Gail Baker
thank you
Tenice Wehmeyer
This has been a great conversation. I often refer to how important it is for sporting professional (mostly use Tiger Woods) to use coaching to take their skill to the next level.
Sam Caballero
Can you provide some tactics on how you approach "naysayers" of coaching.
Tenice Wehmeyer
Corporate Athletes also need that same level of coaching to take their skills to the next level.
Kathy Bonnar
We expect our schools to provide career counseling. We need to instill the idea that we need to continue this throughout our lives in coaching.
Gail Baker
Apologizes I need to drop for another meeting. Great session and great information as always. Thank you.
Sam Caballero
thank you - great insight.
Barbara A. F. Greene
PowerAmp Coaching Solution- Dec. 17 th- 9-10 a.m. cst -we will send you the invite in the followup of this program- yet you can look at my web site www.greeneandassociates.com Phil Walker my CPI partner and I are hosting the launch of this new coaching solution.
Barbara A. F. Greene
CPI is an equity partnership
Sam Caballero
Thank you very much for an insightful event!!! Thank you Barbara