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Complimentary Virtual Workshop - What Leaders Can Do to Reduce Worker Anxiety - Shared screen with speaker view
Gabriel Cortinas
Mike Gilliam
When are we going to have a vaccine
Diane Polanco
I would live ideas on how to improve morale for those working from home
Charmian Garza
If there was ONE resource I could give my team, what would that be?
Tony Magaro
How we see anxiety and mitigate its impact on the person's performance
Rajal Dhruva
How do you know if a member of my team is anxious? What can one look for?
Christian Ibanez
How to better balance the day to day anxiety in our current global environment>
Gabriel Cortinas
How can I help my team work together to have less stress? To worry less about Covid and the current reorganization of our department.
Spencer Brown, Aging Life Care Professional
How can we address anxiety in the workplace related to mergers, acquisitions and numerous corporate changes and growth initiatives?
John Barnes
Do different age groups experience anxiety in different ways? If so, and as leaders, how do we address the needs in each age group?
Patti Centeno
Can we move from Fear zone to Growth zone without going through Learning?
Karen Breshears
I have one on ones with my team and we don't really discuss work so much of how they are doing. I tell them my feelings as well. I try to make them feel safe and that we are going to take this step by step.
Vickie Adams
At SACADA we moved from monthly staff meeting to weekly staff meetings. Supervisors are conducting daily check ins with staff.
Pamela Aceves
we also increased communication and touch points. we also do a Q&A every month and we try to communicate very often all the measures we are taking as a company. we have a CoVid site in the intranet, we have a task force the meets 3 days a week to decide on actions and communication to the organization
Barbara A. F. Greene
So Gabriel- your company has a COVID Team to communicate organization-wide-and yet you as a leader are still looking for ways to help your colleagues- focus on what you know
Angie Salinas
I've included making calls to board members as well.
Diane Polanco
We do weekly staff meetings via Teams and also discuss how to distribute the work load for those feeling overwhelmed.
Diane Polanco
Also I send little treats for birthdays and work anniversaries.
Dennis Gonzales
Our department has 30-minute Zoom coffee times once a week where we chat, talk about books we're reading, movies or Netflix shows, etc. We also have a "touch base" twice per week where we update eachother on what's happening.
Mindy Spigel
In addition to the importance communication for anxious employees, it is also important to make sure they remember that the work they do is important and adds value. I loved that Jacob mentioned that a a part of feeling safe is feeling valued
Tony Magaro
In addition to those noted, started a special notification sent to all management /supervisors to help in moving information throughout the organization. Our president is also hosting a virtual Town Hall for all staff to ask questions as changes are happening.
John Barnes
We established a business continuity team focused on the pandemic and the response to the workforce. We met twice a week as a team and discussed the status of the virus reviewing data provided by the counties in which we operate. We changed our PTO policy to accommodate those who became ill, we implemented health check points at our main gate, we established weekly talking point updates, and we developed animations to reach the workforce in a low-stress manner. We also implemented contact tracing procedures and established three telemedicine processes. Finally, we ensured all employees have PPE provided to them upon entering the campus daily.
Stewart Blanton
The Dept. of VA has a very good program.
Charmian Garza
Great advice Stewart!
Pamela Aceves
Thankyou all! I have a meeting to be at. Thankyou Barbara for putting together this events. Have a great day all
Diane Polanco
Great information! I have to go to another meeting. Thank you all!
Ines Pardo
thank you all!! Barbara thank you for sharing and inviting us
Michelle Saldua
Thank you all!
Charmian Garza
Thank you all!
John Barnes
Great webinar. Thank you Barbara and team!
Angie Salinas
terrific... thank you so much for including so many talented folks...
Andrea Ramos
thank you Barbara !!!
Vickie Adams
thank you!
Audra Atzger
Thank you so much everyone