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Executive Leadership Forum - Global Smarts for Executives - Shared screen with speaker view
Barbara A. F. Greene
Thank you everyone for being a part of our Global Smarts for Executives Program. We will be on until 10:30 a.m.
Barbara A. F. Greene
Jose - adapt-humility-technology access/learning/appreciate where we are at in this era--find ways to retool--give back ---staying the course- must have a vision-makes a good leader---
Barbara A. F. Greene
Phyllis- being adaptable-resiliency - authenticity-do your homework- understand the culture--site search- understand how the education works--- how to engage when you are in the culture- never underestimate- talent- people's capabilities---
leslie becker
Q:Without being able to break bread, for smaller companies, how can you make your company more marketable/appealing to the global market while we working remotely from the U.S.?
Phyllis Gallay
Thank you all! Great fun to meet you all virtually!
Carrie Geyer
Thank you Phyllis and Jose! Your insights are so spot on and helpful! I'm craving baked goods!